Building "butterflight"
Actions, etc.

Building "butterflight"
I built progressively complex Symbols/Library Items by nesting simpler ones:


This is a semi-transparent Flash drawing.



This is a stationary flapping butterfly, made of two overlapping Instances of "wing", tweened between three keyframes. The animation is non-looping in this Library Item; right-click (or alt-click on the Mac) and choose Play to see it animate again.



Straight-forward Motion Tween using "butterfly" and a Stop action on the end frame. ("butterfly" automatically loops within this frame). Right-click (or alt-click on the Mac) and choose Play to see it animate again from the beginning.

For handling the orientation, transparency, etc. of the movie clip, see 4 below

Actions, etc.

Frame Actions

Set Variable: "bCount" = "1"

2 *Movie Clip "/butterflight" created off-stage, to be duplicated in Step 4

Object Action
Symbol: clicker
Track as button

On (Release)
End On

Note: "clicker", on the "button" Layer, is a transparent button that covers the entire screen.


Object Actions
Symbol: clicker
Track as button

On (Release)

Set Variable: "bCount" = bCount + 1
Duplicate Movie Clip ("/butterflight", "butterflight" &bCount, bCount)
Set Property ("butterflight" &bCount, X Position) = Random(550)
Set Property ("butterflight" &bCount, Y Position) = Random(400)
Set Property ("butterflight" &bCount, Rotation) = Random(360)
Set Property ("butterflight" &bCount, Alpha) = 25 + Random(75)
Set Property ("butterflight" &bCount, X Scale) = 25 + Random(75)
Set Property ("butterflight" &bCount, Y Scale) = 25 + Random(75)
Begin Tell Target ("butterflight" &bCount)
   Go to and Play (1)
End Tell Target

End On


Object Properties

"InterDimensions" symbol tweened, with alpha=0% in the Color Effect tab of Instance Properties.


Frame Action